If you are taught

the secret of

finding this presence

in every moment, then

you possess all that is

most precious.


De Caussade

Abandonment to

Divine Providence

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Just this...

This site is about the presence

that lives within you, within me,

within every duck, plant, every piece

of pumpkin pie and pavement, every

dandelion and Honda Accord, every

centipede and cell phone, every

saint & stone-cold junkie—every

molecule in the universe.

It‘s nothing less

than omnipresent.

Present everywhere!

Abiding in the presence

that’s been right here all along,

even when we didn't know it,

brings an end to a lifetime of ups

& downs, conflicts, & upsets that

gnaw at us. It’s the beginning of

the end of emotional turmoil.

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