All is well

As we abide in presence, the me identity tapers off. Old traits fall away. Future worries, past regrets, unmet goals, and rampant judgments subside.

We move into the world no longer defensive and guarded, wondering who’s for us and against us—or what crisis will swoop down on us next.

When the me ball and chain no longer weighs us down, we can at last breathe easy, relieved of fears of getting rejected, going bankrupt, growing old, and one day dying.

Instead of getting caught up in the drama of each incident, there's a sense of observing life. When this underlying calm permeates everything, we recognize nothing is wrong anymore.

Nobody home

At last we’re free of the thoughts that used to knot us up. For when all is said and done, this me person we’ve revered all our lives is nothing but a made-up story, a tale told by an ego, full of posturing and pain, that never did exist.

With me on the back burner, there’s room to grasp what until now we have only suspected—we're run by something all-powerful and gentle that puts us to sleep at night and wakes us up in the morning.

This something beats our hearts, allows us to see and hear, think and breathe. Without it, we cannot blink an eye nor take a step.

What we call this something—be it God, the infinite, consciousness, or nothing at all—doesn’t matter.

What does matter is right now we know without a doubt that this something is everywhere; it fills us—it fills everything. It’s nothing less than the source of our being, the source of everything in existence.

With this acknowledgment comes the serenity inherent in presence.


There is an inherent joy, solidity, and clarity that unfolds with a deepening recognition of your true nature. A life free of conflict, seeking, duality, and suffering is the outcome. Awareness, which you are, is not bland. It is vital, intense, alive, full of energy, and

inherently joyful.

—John Wheeler Awakening to the Natural State

You will never again be the same person in your heart... A deep inward peace begins to haunt you; you can no longer manufacture turmoil with the same conviction... that  doesn't mean you can't feel hurt, desire, pain, joy, happiness, suffering, or sorrow; they just don't convince you.

—Ken Wilber, One Taste

No matter what the appearance, there is perfection, tranquillity, harmony, and happiness wherever one is.

—William Samuel Awareness & Tranquillity

Have a look and see if there  is a ’me’  or ’you’ there... Investigate until you see that there is nothing there, until you see that it has no independent nature and has no substance... Then you must realize that you are that  ’no thing-ness.‘

—Sailor Bob Adamson What‘s Wrong with Right Now unless you think about it?

The songs below, written and sung by John Wheeler, offer a gentle glimpse of serenity and the illusory nature of emotional suffering.

Sailor Bob Song

Free and Easy